No Sew Journal

No Sew Journal
A  Free Journal Making Workshop
Tutor – Janet Banks

The wonderful part about this journal is that the tabs in the middle of each signature allow room for plenty of collage and dimensional work.

Make a journal without stitching

HINT: Make a model out of copy paper first, this will enable you to make adjustments without ruining your good paper.

Materials List
Coloured Heavy Paper such as scrapbooking card (Covers)
2 Strips of Heavy Paper 12 inches x 15/16 inch (30cm x 2.3 cm)
6 Strips of Heavy Paper approx 3/4 inch (1.8 cm) x height of journal
(Do not cut strips until ready to insert)
Paper (Pages)
Pencil and eraser
Cutting board, box cutter or similar (new blade)
Steel edged ruler
Glue or double sided tape

Instructions may be downloaded here No Sew Journal Workshop.pdf

The accompanying video (2mins 15secs)

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All of the tutorials have downloadable pdfs, some have accompanying videos.


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